For decision making to be done well in our ever-accelerating digital economy, the process is complex but can be simple. Complex, because staying a step ahead of best practice means never standing still. And with the world getting faster you need help to keep up.

Simple because at Data61, we're the ones to help you use new tools and technologies to extract and analyse information from vast volumes of data.

We're the ones who help you to see further, understand deeper and act sooner.

When you increase the amount of data you analyse 100-fold, you get a 10,000-fold multiplication in the number of patterns you can see in that data.

That's why we are creating increasingly powerful approaches to analyse and optimise large and complex engineered systems. Our work combines numerical modelling, quantitative risk and visualisation technologies, and we rarely shy away from a challenge. Find yourself managing situations where high levels of uncertainty prevail? We'll develop a new methodology to assist with optimal decision making.

We are experts at pushing the boundaries of what data can do. We develop language processing, sentiment analysis and other content analytics techniques to better inform management teams asking: "What is actionable information?" Then, we combine our technological nous with social and cognitive sciences, economics and analytics: from this place we have the understanding to support digitally-driven innovation in our communities and business networks. .

Where and how we work

Our skillsets are wide and deep. You'll find us working on operations research and artificial intelligence projects, through to computational linguistics. We extend the reach of our clients and partners to achieve results sooner and our results speak for themselves. We cross industries – Data61's quant models assist the finance and superannuation industries, but we also work with galleries, archives and museums; on natural hazards mitigation; and in human performance.

Get there faster with us, and create your data-driven future – today.

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