At Data61, we turn big, complex data sets into knowledge. We work with hospitals, environmental managers, banks, scientists and many others to help add insight and understanding to their data. That's because collecting the data is only the beginning. It's what happens next where the real value is created.

Analytics is about seeing patterns, adding insight and understanding the world in new ways. It is about seeing further, understanding deeper and seeing consistency in patterns that were hidden by noise and chaos. There has never been more opportunity for organisations small and large to use the power of computing and leverage the exponential growth in data. It's the reason we're in demand from both business and government.

We develop tools, platforms and models for big data analytics, spatial-temporal analytics, text analytics and private data analytics. Then, we transform this data into insights. We show you how to find opportunity and see trouble coming. Analytics transforms raw data into knowledge and processes to enable more informed decision-making and action, in partnership with other scientists, government agencies, businesses, and industry.

We live in times where growth happens in exponential leaps. We extend the reach of our clients and partners to achieve results sooner and our results speak for themselves. Data61's work includes quantifying the reliability of our results in the face of current and future change and uncertainty.

Get there faster with us and see your world in a whole new way.

Where you'll find us

As Australia's data analytics leader, you'll find our insight-generating capabilities work across a diverse range of fields, including agriculture, biosecurity and environment through to health, mining and utilities.

We also work in partnership with universities including ANU, University of Melbourne and UNSW; Federal bodies like the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Geoscience Australia; state governments; water utilities; and organisations like Microsoft Research and Sony Computer Science Labs.

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