Ninety per cent of all the data in the world has been generated over the last two years.

This volume continues to grow exponentially, resulting in unimaginable opportunity, as well as confounding challenges.

Every industry will be influenced, or altered, by the data revolution over the next five to ten years.

Understanding how to collect, manage and work with data is fundamental to solving real problems, and is a building block of any successful venture or career. It's a fast-moving journey and collaboration is essential if we're to confront emerging challenges and take advantage of new opportunities.

We're your data partner

As part of Australia's CSIRO we have been partnering with industry and science, education and research, applying science to change the world for almost 100 years.

Our partners and researchers, our students and our scientists work with organisations across the world. We believe the solutions that we help invent need to be world's best to keep you on top in a competitive environment.

As world leaders in data-centric research and development, we'll help you navigate digital disruption and set you up for success. Through our global innovation network we'll connect you with technology experts, start-ups, corporations, universities, governments, investors and entrepreneurs to unleash the power of data.

Explore how we can help you create your data-driven future - today.

What CSIRO's Data61 can do for you:

Applied research

Data61 does research with market context to help our partners and the wider Australian industry ecosystem organise, collect and understand their data and make robust decisions from it.

Advisory and training

We provide strategic leadership advisory services and specialised training on risk and best practices to industry and government. Our services are always informed by emerging research and the latest trends in cyber security, privacy, artificial intelligence and data ethics. With our finger on the pulse we're on the frontlines of innovation.

Build new technologies

We build technologies that help people interact more easily with data, systems and services. This includes fit-for-purpose platforms for your organisation to create new value. Our past projects include national maps, investigative analytics, robotics and confidential computing.

Strategic ventures

We work closely with you to commercialise and scale research and technologies that connect you with partners and investors.

Do business with us to help your organisation thrive

We partner with small and large companies, government and industry in Australia and around the world.

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