The challenge

How to efficiently increase agricultural yield and productivity

Food security is a major issue that has the potential to impact the global population. In order to feed humankind we need to significantly increase the productivity and efficiency of our agricultural industries.

The Internet of Things (IoT) could enable the application of next generation digital technologies in agriculture, and result in billions of dollars in export earnings for the Australian economy.

Our response

Introducing Phenonet

Analysing the size, growth and performance of plants in a greenhouse or field site can be time-consuming and laborious. More specifically, when a field site is located in a remote area, it becomes quite expensive to send people out to the field.

The ability to collect this information from remote locations and send it back to the laboratory in real time is an invaluable tool for plant scientists. That's why we've developed 'Phenonet', a network of wireless sensor nodes that collects information over a field of experimental crops.

Phenonet sensors deployed in the field

The results

Boosting crop productivity

Phenonet is a world first high resolution crop selection platform. Its smart wireless sensor nodes work autonomously and independently, cooperating with each other to set up an ad hoc network to record environmental conditions and wirelessly transfer data to a data store.

Phenonet aims to support key stages of sensor-based applications: capture, store, analyse, present, and share. Our focus is on providing real-time data acquisition, annotation, analysis and monitoring solutions for researchers and plant breeders.

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