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Dr Stefan Hajkowicz

Senior Principal Scientist and Team Leader

Dr Stefan Hajkowicz holds expertise in the fields of strategic foresight, geography, economics and decision theory. Stefan has delivered over 100 research and advisory projects to government, industry and community clients in Australia and internationally, including topics such as the future of work, health, education, agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, mining technology, sport, food security, digital infrastructure, intellectual property, retail and government service delivery.


Dr Lucy Cameron

Senior Research Consultant

Dr Lucy Cameron’s expertise lies in policy development in innovation and digital transformation. Prior to taking up her role with Data61 Lucy was Principal Policy Officer and Manager in Digital Economy and Productivity, ICT Industry Development, and Innovation in the Queensland Government (2006-2016). Lucy has also undertaken research and gained funding for universities and regional development organisations, and was an Australian Civil Society representative at the World Summit for the Information Society (WSIS) in Geneva in 2005.


Dr Claire Naughtin

Senior Research Consultant

Dr Claire Naughtin specialises in future-focused, strategic foresight projects for government and industry clients. She currently leads the Q-Foresight program – a strategic foresight initiative between Data61 and the Queensland Government – and has delivered research and advisory projects on the future of work, transport, emerging industries, youth wellbeing and intellectual property. Claire also provides training in strategic foresight methods (e.g. horizon scanning, megatrends analysis and scenario planning). Claire has a PhD from The University of Queensland, specialising in behavioural psychology, human factors and neuroscience and is passionate about bridging the gap between science and research and real-world application.

Photo of Wen Wu

Dr Wen Wu

Research Scientist

Dr Wen Wu specialises in strategic foresight for evaluating future risks and opportunities associated with digital and economic disruptions, and has been involved in multiple consulting, training and advisory projects for government and industry clients across the energy, agriculture and transport sectors. She completed her PhD at the University of Queensland in the area of human learning and memory. Her research background includes examining how we develop expertise when dealing with the complexities of our everyday environment, without necessarily being able to articulate the basis for our decisions. Wen is motivated to provide evidence-based explanations for human behaviour and has presented topics relating to digital disruption, artificial intelligence, global megatrends, and judgement and decision making to large audiences both here in Australia and overseas.

Photo of Dr Alexandra Bratanova

Dr Alexandra Bratanova

Research Scientist

Dr Alexandra Bratanova holds a PhD in Economics from The University of Queensland (2015) and tertiary qualifications in finance and economics from the Moscow City Government University of Management (2013). Since joining CSIRO Alexandra has been playing a key role in the strategic foresight projects investigating future trends and scenarios for Australian labour force (Tomorrow’s Digitally Enabled Workforce), disruptive digital technologies and digital infrastructure, future skills requirements for the construction industry and vocational education, future of transport and energy sectors. Alexandra recently led projects for the Australian Computer Society exploring the future trends and scenarios for blockchain technology adoption in Australia. Alexandra’s current project is focused on modelling future scenarios for transport sector in Queensland.


Dr Hien Thu Pham

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Hien Pham holds a PhD in Economics from The University of Queensland and tertiary qualifications in International Economics from the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies in Japan. Prior to Data61, she worked as a lecturer at the UQ School of Economics, specialising in macroeconomics and international trade. Pham worked in the public sector for 8 years, focusing on Official Development Assistance management and strategy development.

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Dr Emma Schleiger

Research Scientist

Emma is a skilled research scientist within the Insights Team. She has been involved in a range of projects across technology, agriculture, energy and health sectors. She recently developed an ethical framework for the use of artificial intelligence for the Australian government. Emma holds a PhD in Neuroscience from The University of Queensland specialising in clinical neuroscience and brain function following stroke.

Photo of Jessica Atherton

Jessica Atherton

Research Analyst

Jessica Atherton has worked in a range of areas from learning analytics to career development, organisational development, and strategic foresight to inform policy and strategy. Jessica holds a Bachelor of Psychology (Class I Honours), with a research background in learning analytics. In her current role at CSIRO’s Data61, she has researched and explored digital futures in Vietnam, the future of agriculture in Australia, and emerging use cases of blockchain technology.

Photo of Dave Dawson

Dave Dawson

Report Writer

Dave Dawson has over a decade of experience as a journalist operating out of Australia and China, and has written extensively on the history of start-up ecosystems and technological development in Beijing. He has covered legal and social issues for publications such as Foreign Policy, the Diplomat and China Radio International. He helped manage long-form international feature article coverage as Deputy Editor at the World of Chinese Magazine, worked as an editorial consultant to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and held a senior editor role at China’s key political tabloid, the Global Times. He is fascinated with technological development and how it can change the ways people interact and in turn affect the trajectory of broader societal development.


Dr George Quezada

Research Scientist

Dr George Quezada’s research spans digital disruption and technological innovation, and how government policies, organisational and industry structures, and related institutions shape essential service provision. He recently led a scenario planning process on the future of Australian business and economy, and established CSIRO’s Urban Living Lab initiative, which is identifying and developing special purpose innovation zones in new urban development areas.

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