Strategic foresight into trends and drivers



We analyse geopolitical, economic, environmental, social and technological trends, risks and scenarios to help leaders make better decisions for the future, particularly in relation to digital disruption.




Decision-making frameworks to inform and prioritise investment



We use decision-making frameworks (e.g., multi-criteria analysis) to rank the desirability of competing options against factors that may vary in their level of significance for decision makers.




Statistical forecasting of future trends



We use a variety of different statistical models to make long-term forecasts to help decision makers understand the quantitative impact of future economic changes on policy and business environments.




Strategic workshops and consultation sessions


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We design and deliver workshops and consultation sessions for clients and stakeholders to help them navigate future changes, or to assist them in developing skills to apply strategic foresight to their own business or organisational processes.




Research into critical national and global challenges


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We conduct original research into key issues of national and global significance – particularly around emerging technologies – to ensure we are at the cutting-edge of practice and research into the best solutions.

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