The Mixed Reality Lab at CSIRO’s Data61 will enable manufacturing and other industries to create ‘Digital Twins’, or virtual replicas of physical objects and systems.

The Mixed Reality Lab will enable industry to create virtual replicas.

Located in Clayton, the lab houses a set-up of industrial and consumer optical cameras and sensing equipment to capture detailed information about a physical object and the space surrounding it.

The equipment is underpinned by sophisticated algorithms (Workspace) which merge the enormous amounts of data collected to create a digital twin in a matter of minutes.

The lab is a unique combination of Data61’s research expertise across machine learning, computer vision, computational modelling, IoT, and CSIRO’s patented Stereo Depth Fusion technology for depth estimation.

Industry applications

A visual example of a manufacturing use case:

Infographic showing how the Mixed Reality Lab works.

An example of a manufacturing use case:

  1. manufacture an object (drawn graphic of rocket ship in a 3D printer)
  2. scan the manufactured object (drawn graphic of simplified scanner; camera; light projector; rocket ship)
  3. create and compare a digital twin of the object (drawn graphic of rocket ship on computer screen)
  4. use augmented reality to identify defects between the digital twin and the original design (drawn graphic of person wearing augmented reality googles).

Infographic: Mixed Reality Lab - how does it work?

By comparing a digital twin of a manufactured object against the original design, we can quickly, accurately and cost-effectively identify defects and map entire manufacturing processes across a global supply chain.

Defective components can be identified in real-time and corrected, while downstream processes can be adjusted to minimise the impact of delays.

Mixed Reality Lab launch

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