Cyber-physical systems are the connection of digital devices to the physical environment.

The mission of our Cyber-physical systems program is to sense, model and understand the physical environment. By bridging the gap between technology and the world around us, we'll have more data to inform environmental decision-making and action for the benefit of Australian industry and society, particularly in the domains of agriculture, health, environment, manufacturing, mining and safety.

Our experts specialise in real time in-situ sensing, decision and control; 3D mapping; autonomous robotics; long-term, large scale, distributed sensing; and AI-enabled computer vision.


  • Manufacturing: pervasive monitoring for health, safety and productivity, new manufacturing technologies
  • Agriculture: Digital livestock, including animal health monitoring and virtual fencing in situ
  • Sensing and actuation for horticulture and viticulture
  • Mining: aerial and underground 3D mapping and navigation in mining environments
  • Construction: flow optimisation in construction supply chains
  • Health: disease risk prediction based on human movement; bionic eye implants
  • Environment: feral animal tracking for assessing environmental and economic risk, coral reef monitoring and response and high resolution digitisation of biodiversity

We work with our partners in industry, government and academia to apply research and technologies that ultimately help to increase human safety and wellbeing, improve productivity and protect the environment.

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