There are unprecedented opportunities for the transformation of science, industry and society through the use of analytics and computational analysis. At CSIRO's Data61, we turn big, complex datasets into knowledge. We work across a diverse range of fields - from agriculture, biosecurity and environment through to health, mining, utilities, finance and superannuation - to provide insight and logic to their data.

Most of the program's work is in nationally important applications including:

  • biosecurity risk and surveillance
  • genomic selection in plant and animal breeding
  • environmental monitoring
  • transport analytics
  • data - driven social insights
  • natural hazards and infrastructure
  • industrial automation and optimisation
  • design optimisation and decision support
  • financial risk

Analytics is about seeing patterns and understanding the world in new ways. Decision sciences is about creating powerful and tailored approaches to analyse and optimise vast volumes and complex data. Our experts are always pushing the boundaries of what data can do.


The Analytics and Decision Sciences program develops bespoke tools, platforms and models to gather big data analytics, spatio-temporal analytics, risk analytics, multimedia analytics and private data analytics. Then, we transform this data into insights through numerical modelling, quantitative risk and visualisation technologies.

We use operations research, biological data science, artificial intelligence projects and even computational linguistics to show you how to find opportunities and predict trouble. We extend the impact and reach of our clients and partners and our results speak for themselves.

Working together with our partners, we help them see further, understand deeper and add meaning to the patterns that were hidden by noise and chaos. There has never been more opportunity for organisations small and large to use the power of computing and leverage the exponential growth in data. That's why we are a trusted advisor and data-driven R&D partner with government, industry and academia.

Get there faster with us and see your world in a whole new way.

Our partners have included universities including ANU, University of Melbourne and UNSW; Federal bodies like the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Geoscience Australia; state governments; water utilities; and organisations like Microsoft Research and Sony Computer Science Labs.

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