The challenge

Accelerating development and getting application to scale

If you have a product or a project which uses near real-time data in combination with complex modelling and analysis, then Senaps can accelerate your development and get your application to your target audience quickly.

Senaps speeds up application development by providing a framework for managing complex scientific analysis in a cloud-based environment. Existing analytics software can be imported directly into Senaps, minimising the need for costly or slow re-writes of existing software. You can also avoid the need to spin up and manage compute infrastructure, develop API's and authorisation models and systems. Senaps removes a lot of the legwork and lets you focus on delivering and scaling your applications to the next level.

Our response

An integrated spatio-temporal data platform

Senaps provides an integrated spatio-temporal data platform to help data-driven applications reach their customers. Senaps broadly includes three major components:

  • Data services for near real-time sensor data management
  • Data services for managing gridded geo-spatial data such as climate and weather observations and forecasts
  • Scientific workflow service for hosting your data analysis

The platform combines these three major components in an integrated cloud platform with open APIs and an advanced authorisation model allowing you to secure your IP and build your end-user application that interacts directly with Senaps' APIs.

The results

Analyse results by using own analytics models

Senaps allows you to use your own analytics models to run analyses in the cloud to distribute insights to your user-facing applications. It's built-in security, data storage and APIs allow you to connect to multiple sensor data with spatial data sources.

Senaps is being used by researchers and industry to support and deliver several applications, some of which include; yield prediction for grain growers, water management modelling, tracking of livestock and wildlife and smart buildings data management. Senaps has helped these applications deliver insights from near real-time data and complex analytics by speeding up the path to market.

Senaps is a mature platform which is in the early stages of commercialisation. It is well suited for start-ups, SME's and research organisations. Senaps provides a subscription service, there is zero set-up costs and the price has been minimised barriers to entry. You only pay for the data storage and analytics your product needs. Costs scale with your product.

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