A Safer API for Data queries 

Protari is an API that allows authorised users to query a dataset and get back confidentialised aggregate outputs.

The data is confidentialised on the fly, so only aggregated and perturbed output is returned to the user, reducing risk of re-identification. Protari implements the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)’s published perturbation algorithms, and can be extended to others. It also provides access control and authentication per the OpenID Connect standard, so query access can be limited to just authorised users.

As an API, Protari makes it easy for others to build on the data for other use cases, such as domain-specific apps and dashboards. Of course, it also comes packaged with its own easy-to-use web-based table interface, allowing users to get up and running quickly with answers to their specific, unique questions. This enables many data queries to be resolved via self-service.

This combination of customisable privacy-preserving logic, REST API, and accessible user interface make Protari an ideal way to provide authorised users with access to aggregated results of queries over potentially sensitive unit-record datasets.

Features and Benefits

Friendly User Interface Out-of-the-Box

Rather than simply providing a bare API to build upon, Protari also comes with its own easy-to-use web-based interface, so that users of all levels of sophistication can use it to perform analysis and get answers to questions, without the need to code to an API.

Enhanced Privacy

Protari transforms outputs using a perturbation algorithm which has been widely used as part of the ABS’s TableBuilder package. Perturbation makes it harder to isolate any data relating to a single record, and Protari can further enhance privacy through further aggregation or suppression of certain queries or results.

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Open Standards Based User Authentication

Protari integrates with Okta to deliver OpenID Connect compatible authorization, allowing control over who has access to the API - making it easy to ensure only Safe People can submit queries.


Recent versions of Protari have undergone extensive penetration testing, as part of a roll out to production within a federal government agency. Protari's code base also includes a battery of tests, and its development process incorporates best practices in continuous integration and testing.

It is important to note however that Protari is still considered prototype software, and that it is the responsibility of each client to validate the security of each deployment in its own particular environment.

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