The challenge

The need for tailored weather forecasts

Farmers, agronomists, agribusiness, suppliers, banks and others need to make decisions that depend on the weather and climate.

The availability of information needs to be within their reach, and address the specific decisions they need to make, such as when to sow or harvest crops. This information can be as simple gaining information on the weather forecast, or as complex as a crop yield forecast, and can be tailored to individual farms.

Our response

Providing tailored services for farmers, agribusiness and industry

We hear repeatedly from farmers that local weather forecasts "don't represent what happens in my paddock."

To address this issue, we have developed a complex algorithm that can transform the Bureau of Meteorology's weather forecasts into more accurate predictions for specific locations. We collect data from individual on-farm weather stations, this information assists us to gain an understanding of how the forecast differs to what farmers experience on their farms. We can then provide localised weather forecasts.

The results

Seasonal climate forecasts using Senaps analysis service

We use the Senaps Analysis Service, which hosts a complex calibration algorithm to adjust the forecasts by localising them to the local conditions for each private weather station. This localised forecast data is then provided back to customers through the Senaps APIs. This is all done in near-real time and updated with each new forecast from the BoM. The Senaps framework can apply the same algorithm to multiple customers.

Understanding the likely climate for the year ahead can help increase productivity and reduce risk. We work with growers and farmers to provide a climate forecast taillored to the risks they are concerned about. This may be the rainfall for the next three months, frost, risk or overnight temperatures or any other factors that can affect farmers' bottom lines.

Localised Weather Forecast Dashboard

Many other data feeds are available, tailored for agricultural needs at time scales from tomorrow to next year.

We provide a simple way to access and purchase weather and climate information packaged in ways groups in agri-food chain need. We have a range of standard products or can tailor one to meet specific needs.

The Ag Climate Data Shop is the place to go to access Ag related weather and climate data for Australia.

Climate data underpins a lot of what we do at CSIRO, and is often needed by our partners and stakeholders. Knowing which data to use, where to find it, whether you need to buy it or what licence you have to use can be confusing. The shop simplifies access to data.

Many apps need data supplied by an API to run efficiently. We provide the Bureau's Australian Digital Forecast Database (ADFD) forecast via API for agribusiness via a monthly subscription.

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