We've developed the world’s first lightweight, handheld 3D laser mapping system, Zebedee, which is self-contained and does not rely on external positioning systems.

Simple to use, Zebedee creates 3D laser maps continuously, quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively.

The system is suitable for 3D mapping applications in indoor, underground and outdoor environments, including locations previously inaccessible to larger scanning equipment. And unlike wheeled mobile systems, Zebedee can operate on stairways and rough terrain.

Zebedee rapidly generates a 3D map as the operator walks through a site. The laser scanner rocks back and forward on a spring, continuously scanning the environment, while a computer records the sensor data.

The system offers a unique combination of portability, efficient data collection, accuracy in areas with no GPS, rapid scanning of large areas, and automatic data processing.

Zebedee is being used by us and others for mapping mines, heritage sites, and crime scenes.

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