The challenge

COVID-19 Outbreak challenging practitioners to deliver healthcare remotely

It's easy to take accessible medical treatment in Australia for granted.  If you're an able-bodied person living in or near an urban centre, you're likely to have a suite of medical services at your fingertips, should you need them.

For the elderly, those with decreased mobility, members of remote communities and individuals with a compromised immune system, physically visiting a medical specialist can be unfeasible.  The most recent and unprecedented challenge has been the COVID-19 outbreak, which has challenged practitioners and patients to adopt a safe and secure method to deliver and receive healthcare without physical contact.

Our response

A cloud based video consultation delivering healthcare without physical contact

Coviu is a cloud-based video consultation platform which removes the need for physical presence during practitioner-patient consultations.  Designed to mimic traditional brick-and-mortar clinics, Coviu's platform facilitates in-house payments, online appointment bookings, in-call clinical tools, integrations with practice management systems and more to provide improved continuity of care, greater flexibility, reduced costs and more efficient use of resources.

Practitioners of any profession can set up their own digital practice in under 5 minutes and start delivering end-to-end encypted services immediately.  Coviu works on all modern devices that are equipped with a microphone, speaker, camera and stable internet.

"Coviu creates a solution for all clinicians to connect with their patients remotely," explains Phil Morle, Partner of CSIRO's venture capital fund, Main Sequence Ventures. "This allows potentially infectious patients to be successfully triaged away from crowded waiting rooms and physical clinics.  It also allows quarantined clinicians to still provide clinical support without risking patients."

The results

Telehealth delivering healthcare taking off since COVID-19 outbreak

The COVID-19 pandemic in Australia has seen a rapid uptake of healthcare businesses employing Coviu since mid-March 2020, with over 10,000 medical professionals using the platform to provide comprehensive, safe and quarantine-compliant healthcare to their patients.  Physiotherapists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, dietitians, general practitioners and more are among the thousands of practitioners Australia-wide who are using the platform.

"We have seen telehealth as a method of delivering healthcare literally 'turn on' overnight, " says Morle.  "The company is experiencing incredible growth at the moment as the whole industry comes online."

Coviu has now held over 200,000 consultations online and since September 2019, has supported Healthdirect's National Video Call Platform.


Coviu telehealth solution

Coviu was co-founded by Silvia Pfeiffer and Nathan Oehlman in 2015 and raised $1 million from CSIRO Innovation Fund, managed by venture capital firm, Main Sequence Ventures in 2018. The investment allowed them to scale and further embed themselves into the primary healthcare space.

Further platform integrations such as facilitating Medicare payments and offering a prescription delivery service are in the works.

The number of clinicians using Coviu is expected to increase as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and futher expansion is planned.

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