Against a backdrop of an ageing population, a growth in non-communicable diseases and escalating health care costs, digital health is emerging as an area of rapid growth and impact. It brings with it new and exciting data streams for us to leverage for personalised care.

Equipped with real-time health technologies like sensors and wearable devices, today's health consumers are more empowered and informed than ever. Data is changing the way individuals live and breathe as they take ownership of their own health outcomes.

At Data61, we believe the multitude of patient data available can be turbo-charged to provide better personalised information to individuals, health professionals and organisations. We believe we need to transition from late treatment to early detection health, using personalised, predictive and data-driven science.

We recognise the delicate and highly personal nature of this data, and we've developed tools and technologies to ensure the security and safety of a patient's personal data is the top priority.

Our work

With strong connections across CSIRO, government and industry, we're collaborating with our partners to address the global challenge of developing a precision health ecosystem.

Our expertise spans across advanced analytics, machine learning and 3D modelling, which we harness to develop software that can analyse health-related data in real-time, with non-invasive patient outcomes.

Our main challenge is to ensure trusted data.

Collaborating with our partners, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, our work ranges from modelling complex data in order to understand biological processes and advise athletes, to innovative 3D imaging solutions and using natural language analytics to understand social media sentiment.

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