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Queensland's economy, which generates prosperity and supports our quality of life, will shift into a markedly different space over the next 20 years. Technology, emerging global markets, demographics, digitisation, cultural change and other driving forces are significantly reshaping the operational landscape for Queensland businesses, governments and communities.

If we stay put, and don't keep pace with these global changes, we risk being left behind. However, there is also opportunity. If we transition adeptly and intelligently into the digitally enabled economy of the future there are substantial rewards in terms of better jobs, higher incomes and improved lifestyles for Queenslanders.

This report explores what is at stake for Queensland in responding to this important period of rapid change and presents research findings about the potential impact on jobs, the economy and society. The report also recommends pathways to best position Queensland for the future.

Venn diagram displaying the shifting landscape in Queensland.

It includes left to right projection from the 2018 Queensland current economy explaining parts of the economy will be displaced, placing 868,000 jobs or 36 per cent of the workforce at risk; through to the 2038 Queensland future economy explaining if we get things right, parts of the economy will grow generating one million new jobs (a 41 per cent increase).

The overlap between these two time frames includes 'Megatrends' where parts of the economy will remain relatively stable representing 1.5 million jobs or 64 per cent of the workforce.

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