The challenge

Improve effectiveness of internal government data use

The overall challenge was to explore ways to improve the effectiveness of internal government data use (i.e. making it FAIR), and to increase the rate data is shared within, and released between government agencies

The original PfOD project commenced prior to the amalgamation of the former Agriculture and Environment Departments into AWE. Both former agencies were separate partners in the project.

Initially, both former agencies wanted a simple to use internal Data Catalogue to increase discoverability and reuse of data for staff. Both agencies were using rudimentary managed SharePoint lists for this purpose.

Our response

Data sharing

The Office of the National Data Commissioner (ONDC) and other agencies including AWE have prepared guidance to agencies on how to conduct their own data inventory. An opportunity exists to align with this initiative and provide a solution that can act as the next step: ingesting data inventories and turning them into data catalogues that will support agencies as they increase their level of data maturity.

New legislation around data sharing, due to be tabled in the coming financial year, aims to establish a framework that will allow government agencies to release and share data while retaining confidence that legal and ethical obligations are being met. This project aimed to align with this framework and facilitate data sharing and release, to form a comprehensive data management solution for government agencies.

MAGDA data

The results

Milestones achieved

The project successfully achieved several milestones throughout the year including:

  • a backend program to automate Magda deployment
  • single sign on (SSO) capability with Vanguard
  • serving as the backend for Terria in the NSW Digital Twin
  • authorisation capability
  • the "add a dataset" feature and user testing with PfOD partners
  • new features including: storage, edit a dataset, publishing to, logged in homepage.

MAGDA has been trialled by the Prime Minister and Cabinet for their COVID-19 Taskforce, and will be considered for implementation in future. Discussions are also underway for MAGDA to be involved in the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment's 'State of the Environment' report in 2021, and for work and a case study to be developed.

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