A truly smart city is sustainable, resilient and liveable. For those who are charged with the building, rejuvenating or day-to-day operations of our cities, achieving this goal is a big challenge.

With 90 per cent of Australia's population living in urban areas, our major cities are expanding and populations increasing. Our cities are struggling to deal with population growth and related pressures such as traffic congestion, mobility, environmental protection and housing affordability. City planners, operators and stakeholders frequently lack the tools they need to make decisions with confidence.

Our Work

We're developing tools and platforms to help reduce the uncertainty for decision makers and provide innovative solutions to city problems.

The diversity of our work ranges from helping planners build new greenfield sites and rejuvenate existing cities and communities, to assisting with managing traffic congestion, mobility, waste management, infrastructure maintenance and understanding citizen needs. We also help city innovators plan for the information infrastructure required to support future services and maximise the value of the rapidly growing data and information already available.

Solving one problem can often create several unexpected new ones, but our work is underpinned by an approach that is evidence-based, data-driven and holistic.

Cities are for people, and by placing the citizen first, we can better tackle city challenges using cutting-edge, data-driven solutions.

Done well, cities can be centres of innovation. We promote co-creation and collaboration, sharing our knowledge with industry and research community partners across Australia to boost 'innovation efficiency' and strive for a world-leading position in future city technologies.

Our key tools are a powerful start, but we're not claiming to solve all the challenges. By leveraging our extensive linkages to R&D communities in Australia and abroad, we can provide the platform that could link solutions to extend 'city design tools' over time.

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