The challenge

Business processes must meet legislative requirements

Public sector information and communication technology (ICT) systems that deliver services to people can be expensive to develop due to the extensive legislative and regulatory framework within which they must operate.

Requirements are subject to frequent change, leading to repeated effort in keeping ICT systems current and certified. In addition, these efforts are greatly complicated by the scale of the systems to be certified. The Australian Federal Government alone spends around $6 billion on ICT each year. In 2014, the annual compliance cost to Australian businesses reached $249 billion.

These issues are not confined to the public sector: ICT systems are now essential to perform all core business activities, and business processes are increasingly constrained by regulation. Process compliance is also a major concern for all public and private sector businesses.

Our response

A Regorous approach to compliance

To help business cut through the maze of relevant laws, regulations and guidelines regulations, our team has developed a technology called Regorous to automate tedious and repetitive manual processes while increasing assurance that business processes are designed to be compliant with regulatory frameworks.

The technology underlying Regorous is called ‘Defeasible Deontic Logic’, which maps rules and regulations, as well as a company’s business processes, into equations. This means that from the planning stage onwards, Regorous compares processes and rules, enabling organisations to:

  •     identify and fix process compliance issues before deployment
  •     automatically report on compliance
  •     rapidly check compliance when processes or regulations change.

The results

Streamlining compliance checking

Regorous is the only rule system that can handle obligations, permissions, and prohibitions, including the ability to reason with violations.

Our team is seeking to engage with industry and government to enhance and customise the platform through real world commercial deployments. You can find out more and download the compliance toolset at the Regorous webpage .

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