The challenge

Geospatial data is difficult to access

Geospatial data can be very useful for energy project developers but traditionally it could be difficult and time consuming to access all the information required.

Our response

Australian Renewable Energy Mapping Infrastructure (AREMI)

Relying on our strong geospatial visualisation skills, and in partnership with Geoscience Australia and the Clean Energy Council, we have provided access to multiple datasets in one location.

We've created AREMI, a one-stop shop for all open geospatial data relevant to the energy sector. The AREMI platform leverages the Australian government's NationalMap initiative, a NICTA-developed capability for and is based upon our TerriaTM technology.

The open source, three dimensional mapping platform converts and visually displays information in a web browser without the need for external software or plugins. It facilitates access to multiple geospatially tagged datasets of various formats in one location.

AREMI can be used to compare mapping data; electricity, geothermal and land use data from Geoscience Australia; water and climate data from the Bureau of Meteorology; solar data from other Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) projects; and statistics from the Australia Bureau of Statistics.

The results

A one-stop spatial data shop for renewable energy projects

AREMI makes it easier for renewable energy projects to get off the ground in Australia.

Energy project developers can freely access spatial information such as existing electricity infrastructure to assist with site identification. State and local governments can use the open data AREMI provides to assist with environmental and regulatory planning approvals, and tracking and promoting projects in their region. It also enables financiers and investors to explore the potential success of proposed ventures.

AREMI is available at . Development will continue until July 2016 and Geoscience Australia are hosting AREMI until at least July 2019.

The AREMI platform is being developed by a consortium led by CSIRO's Data61, which includes Geoscience Australia (GA) and the Clean Energy Council (CEC), and is being funded by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA).

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