The challenge

Providing industry with affordable 3D thermal imaging

HeatWave is a lightweight handheld device that delivers accurate real-time temperature information overlaid on a precise 3D model of an object or scene.

The use of thermal imaging is growing rapidly across many industries. It can be used for mechanical fault detection, healthcare diagnosis and monitoring, energy efficiency monitoring and auditing, and even in agriculture for monitoring the body condition of livestock.

There are countless applications that could benefit from thermal imaging, but costs, lack of space and technical knowledge have prevented its use.

Conventional 2D thermal imaging requires expert knowledge to understand and interpret readings provided by thermal sensors. There are also a number of existing 3D thermal systems, but they are cumbersome, expensive and hard to move around.

Our response

Adding the third dimension to thermal imaging

We’ve developed HeatWave, the next generation of handheld technology for heat mapping and 3D imaging. This lightweight (under 500g) mobile device can generate real time precise 3D models of objects or scenes, overlaid with accurate temperature information.

It consists of a 3D camera and thermal sensors that can be freely moved (literally waved) around objects and spaces, and uses our SLAM (simultaneous localisation and mapping) technology like its stable-mate, the 3D mapping tool Zebedee.

Users can obtain highly accurate multispectral models without technical expertise, and it provides user friendly information to detect changes in appearance, shape, or temperature.

HeatWave provides non-invasive and non-contact monitoring and examination that produces repeatable and quantitative measurements that can be used for auditing or reporting.

It’s currently a research prototype that we’ve trialled in a number of areas including safety, healthcare, manufacturing, agriculture and energy, and it’s expected to have future applications in industries such as energy, building, manufacturing, construction, emergency services and health.

[Picture shows a thermography image against a white screen with three different pictures along the right hand side]

[An options menu appears on screen and an option is selected, thermography image enlarges and moves slightly]

[The thermography image continues to change colour slightly and move around on the screen]

[An options menu appears on screen and an option is selected, thermography image enlarges and moves slightly]

[An options menu appears on screen and an option is selected, thermography image changes colour]

HeatWave: 3D Thermography System

HeatWave won both the 2014  Queensland State and National iAward for Research and Development.

The results

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