The challenge

Developing IoT applications

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a disruptive technology that generates enormous amounts of data from tens of billions of devices connected to the internet. IoT is revolutionising the way machines are talking to other machines.

In order to cope with the ever increasing amounts and complexity of information we need new generations of platforms, tools and technologies which can enable software development productivity, data interoperability, integrity, dependability, consistency, sharing, reuse and repurposing.

Our response

IoT meets cloud computing

OpenIoT is a collective effort of eight partners, including CSIRO, in the European Union FP7 project. OpenIoT is an open source mature middleware platform that brings sensor networks, analytics and cloud computing together.


  • Pioneers discovery of sensors for re-purposing, re-using and sharing sensor data while conscious of privacy and security constraints.
  • Provides a cloud-based middleware infrastructure in order to deliver on-demand access to IoT data and services over multiple infrastructure providers (such as smart cities, digital agriculture and smart enterprises).
  • Accelerates and hence saves cost on developing IoT-based solutions, services, applications up to 35 per cent by re-using standard software components and a rich library of tools and sensor drivers.

The results

Increasing productivity and interoperability

OpenIoT has achieved international recognition and won many awards and prizes, including the Black Duck Rookie of the Year award for being one of the top ten Open Source projects for 2013. OpenIoT demonstrated its objectives and outcomes in implementing and validating five use cases:

  • Smart Campus: this project focused on students and staff in university areas to provide access to campus equipment and collaboration services.
  • Smart Living: the researchers focused on citizens, especially the elderly, that could benefit location services that used open and crowd-sourced data in order to make their everyday lives simpler
  • Intelligent Manufacturing: the OpenIoT platform was used for intelligent sending in manufacturing environments, where it offered benefits such as rapid integration of sensors and devices of the production environment, dynamic and intelligent discovery of sensors within manufacturing plants, as well as analysis of data collected from the shop floor.
  • Urban Crowdsourcing: the team focused on city adminstrators who wanted to make citizens more aware of local health factors such as air quality and traffic congestion.
  • Digital agriculture: Farmers and researchers benefited from an instantaneous crop performance analysis platform.

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