The challenge

Online self-service and phone support are unsatisfactory

Increasingly, in-person access to government and corporate services are being replaced with fewer centralised service centres, online self-service, and phone support.

Online self-services are typically only built for mass-market services. Similarly, service officers at centralised service centres are trained across a large number of services, but with little depth for specialised services.

Lack of access to trained specialist staff for clients with complicated cases and for those in rural and remote communities is challenging. They are forced to travel long distances or access services via the more labour intensive, slow and error-prone channels of paper mail and telephone.

Our response

Affordable, uniformly available, remote consultations

The process of digital transformation is moving service delivery into the cloud and away from installed applications that have required updating and re-installation on a regular basis. Making use of cloud hosted data results in a uniform service delivery to any device.

Our scientists contributed to the development of a new standard in video and data conferencing using a new technology called Web real-time communications (WebRTC). This new technology makes it possible to develop affordable, uniformly available video consultation services. We have made our reusable software modules available as open source technology at Open Source Web RTC .

The next step was to develop demonstrations of what modern digital service delivery via video consultations would look like and we worked with partners in government, enterprises, health and education to deliver a superior user experience.

The results

Digital Service Counter and Coviu

We have developed the Digital Service Counter technology which extends a face-to-face (via video) service experience when clients may not be able to visit a centralised service centre. We undertook a successful trial with the Kiama Municipal Council  where pensioners were able to apply for rates concessions on a kiosk placed in the Kiama Library with remote support from the friendly staff from Kiama Council’s call centre.

The digital service counter trial at Kiama Library, NSW. © BRENDAN CRABB

Building on the success of our research trials, we also developed a software as a service (SaaS) platform called Coviu.

Coviu is an affordable and adaptable platform for video consultations. Teams or organisations can sign up to deliver online video services to their customers with rich collaboration features.

An example of Coviu being used in practice is in the development of SWAY.

SWAY - Sounds, Words, Aboriginal Language and Yarning

SWAY , developed by Royal Far West School in New South Wales, is an oral language and literacy program based on aboriginal knowledge, culture and stories.

The school is successfully delivering parts of the program remotely using Coviu technology.

Using Coviu technology to deliver the SWAY program remotely

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