The government sector and its agencies harbour rich sources of data. When used well, government data sources hold the potential to solve community challenges, support decision making, increase service delivery efficiencies, and enhance accountability, privacy, and the rights of citizens.

Innovation is the key to converting data from opportunity into insights and spot patterns that help policy makers see further, understand deeper and see it sooner. As a trusted adviser to government, we're working on numerous R&D projects that are supporting decision making, helping to solve challenges and finding efficiencies.

How we collaborate with government

We partner with all spheres of government. At the Federal level, our work includes developing the Australian Government's NationalMap, which draws data from various government bodies into a single view. We're also working with the Treasury to examine the potential of blockchain technology, which underpins the Bitcoin digital currency, for use in shared financial ledgers and other applications.

At a state level we're working with NSW Roads and Maritime Services to monitor the structural health of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and with the Victorian Government on cybersecurity as well as in the use of quantitative approaches to target powerline investment following the 2009 Black Saturday fires. We've also worked with the City of Port Phillip and Monash University in developing My Climate, an interactive tool helping residents access information about home energy consumption.

We also assist the sector more broadly: we've been a member of the eGov Cluster, a group whose members collaborate to strengthen ICT's role in government, and support the many 'open data' initiatives being implemented at various levels of government.

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